Girls in shower with clothes on | Bath with clothes on

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Comments (13) Extra Pictures (2)
Very very nice girl! Any messy set to future with her? :)
Guest (Sunday, November 16, 2014)
No, she will not do messy sets unfortunately.
webmaster (Monday, November 17, 2014)
Guest (Tuesday, November 18, 2014)
One extra picture for the fans.
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Monday, November 17, 2014)
All right that's a very sexy update, and I have to tell you another story, a winter story, I've gone for vacation with my Irina (that's why I haven't wrote anything on the posts) we went to Paris, and I've discovered something awesome of her, I have noticed that every time I see her out of job she is always wearing flats, sandals or heels... It's not frequent to see her with boots or other kind of shoes, she told me that she loves wearing open shoes because she really likes to be barefoot, I've discovered on this vacations as soon as we get to the hotel she took off her boots or sneakers (she doesn't wear sandals in Paris because it was too cold) and guess what, as Christmas gift, she put on a very sexy black dress, and no shoes, and she took me to the bedroom shower and we had a wetlook evening on the bath tub she was so beautiful on that wet dress... I love her... Oh and I'm so excited about our muddy date on summer I can't wait for get muddy with her
Ed (Monday, January 5, 2015)
You should buy a lottery ticket Ed, you are a very lucky man :)

Happy new year.
webmaster (Tuesday, January 6, 2015)
Haha that's right I should buy one... Happy new. Year to you too
Ed (Tuesday, January 6, 2015)
I would love to see more of her. This was an awesome video and photo set!
Twidget (Sunday, February 15, 2015)
Hello Twidget,
there will be more of her on the site. BUT later this year.
webmaster (Monday, February 16, 2015)
Two questions:
When I can see her again?
Can I have more pictures of her wonderful bra?
Guest (Thursday, April 23, 2015)
I don't know the dates when her future sessions will be up. I have one extra picture for the bra fans. Just before she hits the water.
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Friday, April 24, 2015)
Please a question: Is Agatha also starring in Video T706c4 ?

Thank you!
Jeff (Wednesday, August 12, 2015)
Hello Jeff,
no, that is a different girl.
webmaster (Thursday, August 13, 2015)
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